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Accurate and Hassle-Free Fuel Tax Reporting


At Freightpreneurz, our IFTA Calculation service simplifies the complex task of fuel tax reporting, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in accurately tracking and reporting fuel usage across multiple jurisdictions. With our comprehensive solution, you can confidently navigate IFTA requirements and streamline your fuel tax reporting process.


  • Automated Data Collection: Our advanced system seamlessly integrates with your existing fleet management software or GPS devices to automatically collect and consolidate fuel consumption data. This eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and saves valuable time.

  • Accurate Mileage Tracking: Our service accurately tracks the distance traveled in each jurisdiction, taking into account interstate and intrastate operations. By utilizing GPS technology and mapping systems, we ensure precise mileage calculations for IFTA reporting.

  • Fuel Purchase Recording: We provide an easy and efficient method to record and track fuel purchases. Our system captures relevant details, including date, time, location, and fuel type, ensuring comprehensive records for IFTA reporting purposes.

  • IFTA Tax Rate Updates: Stay up to date with the latest IFTA tax rates for each jurisdiction. Our service automatically updates the tax rates, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Automated IFTA Calculation: Our advanced algorithms accurately calculate your fuel tax liabilities based on the miles traveled in each jurisdiction and the fuel consumption data collected. We simplify the complex calculations, saving you time and effort.

  • IFTA Reporting and Filings: Our service generates comprehensive IFTA reports that summarize the required information for each jurisdiction. We provide the necessary data, including miles traveled and fuel consumed, simplifying your IFTA filing process.

  • Compliance and Audit Support: Ensure compliance with IFTA regulations and be prepared for audits. Our service helps you maintain accurate records and provides documentation to support your fuel tax reporting.

  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: By automating the IFTA calculation process, you can reduce manual errors, save valuable resources, and improve overall operational efficiency. Our service helps you avoid costly penalties and fines associated with inaccurate or late filings.


Experience Hassle-Free IFTA Reporting:


With Freightpreneurz's IFTA Calculation service, you can streamline your fuel tax reporting process and ensure accurate calculations for IFTA compliance. Our comprehensive solution simplifies mileage tracking, fuel purchase recording, and IFTA calculations, saving you time and resources. Let us handle the complexities of IFTA reporting while you focus on your core business operations.


Contact us today to learn more about our IFTA Calculation service and experience hassle-free fuel tax reporting.

IFTA Calculation

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$20.00Sale Price
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IFTA Calculation
Experience Hassle-Free IFTA Reporting
$20.00every month until canceled
    • Accurate Fuel Tax Reporting: Our IFTA service ensures accurate and timely reporting of fuel usage and taxes, reducing the risk of errors and penalties while maintaining compliance with IFTA regulations.
    • Streamlined Recordkeeping and Documentation: Outsource your IFTA service to benefit from streamlined recordkeeping and documentation, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry and ensuring organized and accessible records for audits and reporting.
    • Cost Savings and Efficiency: By outsourcing your IFTA service, you can save costs associated with hiring and training inhouse staff while improving operational efficiency through automated data collection, calculation, and reporting processes.
    • Compliance Monitoring and Updates: Our IFTA service keeps track of changing regulations and compliance requirements, providing you with the latest information and ensuring your fuel tax reporting remains accurate and up to date.
    • Audit Support: With our outsourced IFTA service, you receive comprehensive audit support, including assistance in preparing documentation and responding to audit inquiries, reducing the burden and stress of the auditing process.
    • Dedicated Expertise: Our team of IFTA specialists brings extensive knowledge and expertise in fuel tax reporting, ensuring that your IFTA requirements are handled professionally and efficiently.
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